CB Nordic staff trail faves


1. Pooches’ Paradise to Mike’s Mile (5.3k) 

The ski out Pooches’ Paradise to Mike’s Mile is mostly flat or gently undulating with only a few climbs, so it is a great place for beginners to learn, advanced skiers to skate fast, and for all users to enjoy spectacular views up Paradise Divide.

2. Ruthie’s Run (5k) 

Ruthie’s Run is located on “the Bench” just above the Nordic Center, and is a homologated (sanctioned) course. The eastern section of Ruthie’s Run has challenging climbs and swift descents with sharp curves and is best suited for advanced skiers. Intermediate skiers can handle the western half of these trails. When it’s stormy out, Ruthie’s Run provides good protection in the trees.

3. Rudy’s Rollers (1.5k) 

Rudy’s Rollers is perched just off the Rec Path between Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. Surrounded by vistas of Whetstone, Red Lady, Snodgrass and Mt. Crested Butte, this open meadow affords beautiful views in all directions, whether you’re hammering up the hills or quick-stepping around the curves on the descent. Rudy’s Rollers are beginner/intermediate level, and hold sun until late afternoon due to their location on the “East Side” system. 

4. Magic Meadows (4.6k)

There is something truly “magical” about these intermediate-level meadows. The yurt in the middle of Magic Meadows is open on Sundays for coffee/tea, snacks and hanging out in addition to weekend fine dining.


5. Mordor (3.2k)

The steepest and hilliest of Crested Butte Nordic’s trails, Mordor lives up to its name. A long, steady uphill winds up the lower flanks of Mt. Crested Butte and then travels along the Upper Loop trail before a hair-raising descent back into the Gulch and the Valley floor. Whether going up or down, it’s a doozy!